For now and the future,
Madrid’s most sustainable new homes

The Team


Designing “El Viso Residences” has been an exciting challenge for Touza Arquitectos on several levels, and has required a concerted effort from our entire design team, in terms of architecture, interior design and landscaping. The challenge that Shaftesbury set us was to achieve excellence in every way. And above all was our commitment, both as developer and designer, to the city.

In the field of sustainability, both the project and the commitment of the promoter and architect, as well as the historical context, led us to raise the design of facilities to the highest level, to attain a Breaam Excellent rating, which will be another inheritance for future generations, in the commitment that our buildings make the most of clean and natural energy.

El Viso Residences represents one of the most unique housing projects in the history of Touza Arquitectos, adding a significant new milestone. We are very proud of the work of our team, and of the collaboration with first-class professionals, who have allowed us to recover this magnificent urban space for Madrid in one of its most exclusive neighbourhoods.

Asset Management

Shaftesbury Asset Management is a continental European real estate Investment and Fund Manager. The group was first established in 1983 as a property development company investing in Spain, France and Germany. Since then, and in addition to developing its investment and fund management activities, the group has continued to be active as a property developer, broadly diversified as to product types, as well as geographically. Shaftesbury’s approach has always been to think outside the box, innovate and concentrate on getting the timing right, and then to bring its professionalism to bear to produce the best building in the market at the right moment.

In order to create the very best residences, embracing Madrid’s cultural heritage and with a nod to climate change, Shaftesbury selected one of Madrid’s own sons, the nationally acclaimed architecture and interior design firm led by Julio Touza, to ensure that the project meets today’s pressing sustainability demands with uncompromising elegance and design.

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