Understated elegance welcomes
homeowners and their guests
to the Residences.

“Not only from the point of view of design, but also as a “way of life” we thought the building should offer its inhabitants common living spaces that facilitate friendly neighbourhood meetings, a concierge space for a welcoming and helpful reception, a gym to maintain a model of healthy living, a large garden with a swimming pool for relaxation and rest, as well as spaces for bicycles, provision for electric vehicles, plus a comfortable garage with storage rooms, all with the best quality and state-of-the-art facilities.”

Julio Touza, Touza Arquitectos


Landscaped gardens and
outdoor space for every home

Key to the architectural vision for El Viso Residences is a central garden, sharing natural light, green spaces, fresh air and views. This central garden and the surrounding private balconies and terraces are designed for residents to enjoy rest, tranquility and recreation. This focus extends to encompass views of the neighbourhood gardens on Calle San Julio, Nuestra Señora de los Peligros Sanctuary and the Jardín de Manzana.


Designed for residents' wellbeing

The architecture incorporates organic shapes and curves, set around a landscaped central garden and residents’ pool.


State-of-the-art gym and
heated outdoor pool


Understated elegance and a friendly concierge welcome homeowners and their guests to the Residences from Calle Antonio Pérez.

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